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[Anyone who happens along the primary corridor of the residential sector of the Station will see the Doctor and Inara, walking arm in arm and quietly talking. Conspicuous by his absence is K9. Inara is on the Doctor's right arm, while on his left arm he carries a Station-issue comforter quilt that mostly covers a large gray case that resembles a futuristic-looking cooler-slash-picnic basket. Hiding on the back of the basket, out of sight of the couple, is a small cooing ball of white fur. The Doctor's coat and scarf are noticeably cleaner and pressed, but his improved sartorial presentation pales next to the vision of beauty that is Inara. The Doctor turns to her and broaches the subject of *where* is the right place to eat:]

"I had the idea that we might make a picnic out of it. I'm sure that there's a patch of grass somewhere in the Garden where we can relax and dine with the fragrant atmosphere of the herbs wafting around us. It's a shame that there are no stars, but perhaps the local planet will provide a pleasant backdrop. How does that sound to you?"

[They walk on as he awaits her answer. The couple doesn't conspicuously strut down the hallway, but neither is their body language furtive or secretive in any way. Yes, the Doctor and Inara are walking down the corridor arm in arm with a picnic basket; what of it?]

((OOC: Anyone who wants to join in and keep an eye on the couple in-character is welcome to follow behind (at a discreet distance, of course) and observe the goings-on of the date as it develops. Unless someone blatantly inserts himself or herself into the scene (which we'd prefer not happen but will not specifically prohibit), the Doctor and Inara will carry on with their own activities unaware of the comical spying that is going on. We envision and encourage classic rom-com tropes: furtive whisperings ("What are they doing now?" "SHHHH!"), quick private messages to alert others ("Get your butt down to the Garden; you've got to see this!"), people hiding behind pillars, corners, bushes, and the like. Have fun with it, but don't let them see you!))


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