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Full Name: "The Doctor" (Real Name Unknown)
Called By: The Doctor
Age: 756 (his estimate)
Canon: Doctor Who, end of Season 15, taken right after "The Invasion of Time"
History: The history of the character is long and involved, spanning over 750 years and encompassing at least four (to this point where the character arrives on The Station) distinct personalities. I recommend the following links for an overview of the character's history:

Overview and Background and
Homecoming and Exile.

Personality: The Fourth Doctor is a tall man (standing nearly two meters tall), with a mass of curly brown hair, an expressive face which is usually dominated by a toothy grin, and a voice which commands attention. His attire seems inspired by a Toulouse-Lautrec poster, and usually consists of a long coat, a vest or sweater, a battered brown hat, tweed trousers, brogans or buccaneer boots, and a long multi-colored scarf. This scarf, along with his sonic screwdriver and his bag of jelly babies, are the trademarks of The Fourth Doctor.

On first meeting someone, the Doctor presents an air of naive innocence, although those with more experience in dealing with the Doctor know this to be at least partially an act. He will routinely greet people as if they were already friends, with the aforementioned broad grin and an offer of jelly babies to "break the ice." However, once this ice is broken, his pleasant but unshakeable "well-of-course-I-belong-here" confidence makes him amazingly proficient at getting people to surrender vast amounts of pertinent information to him, almost without realizing it.

The Doctor is very much opposed to violence, except in exceptional circumstances. He was extremely uncomfortable when travelling with his most recent companion Leela, who carried a knife (which she wielded with deadly efficiency) and was never hesitant to use poisonous thorns. However, as time goes on, he has shown a greater willingness to use force, albeit non-lethal force wherever possible, to resolve threatening situations.

He has an off-beat sense of humor and a tendency to keep people guessing about theirown abilities and motivations. He also has an endearingly loopy quality which leads some who meet him to question both his ability and sanity. As with the air of innocence mentioned above, however, this is also in part the product of a calculating mind. People let down their guard when faced with someone that they don't take seriously, and people who let down their guard make mistakes and let slip things that they should not. And nobody takes more advantage of this than The Doctor.

Whatever facade he may present to the world, there is always an underlying seriousness in the Doctor's methods. This has become more pronounced as he has moved further away from his formerly strong ties to Earth and become more involved with missions for the Time Lords. This increasingly frequent involvement with his own people has reminded him of what he sees as his greater responsibilities to the cosmos. A prime example of this was when the Time Lords sent him on a mission to alter the events of the creation of the Daleks. While at first he embraced the mission, he grew to question his right (and by extension the right of the Time Lords) to meddle in the genesis of an entire species -- even the Daleks. Ultimately he threw away his chance to strangle at birth the creatures that would become his greatest foes, deciding that even the unsurpassed evil of the Daleks had the potential to bring about a greater good.

Above all, when we observe the Doctor, we must keep one important thing in mind about him: however closely he may resemble a human, and however favorably he may view the Earth and its people, we must never forget that the Doctor is most assuredly *not* human. The safety and welfare of the peoples of the Universe are of the utmost importance to him, but the methods that he uses to ensure that safety are... well, alien. For the Doctor is a Time Lord; he walks in eternity.

3 Interesting Character Facts:
- While the Doctor appears on the outside to be the same as any human being, he has two hearts and an internal body temperature of 60 degrees (F).
- His pockets sometimes give the impression of being as dimensionally transcendental as the TARDIS. He always seems to have some small mundane item on hand that can be of use, be it a cricket ball, a Tibetan language book, a magnifying glass, a yo-yo, or just about anything else one can think of.
- For reasons unknown, other Time Lords can recognize the Doctor for who he is (and vice versa), even if they only met or knew him in an earlier incarnation.

Regeneration: If the Doctor is fatally wounded (or his body just grows old), instead of dying he becomes an entirely new person. Most memories and experience remain, but the appearance and personality are strikingly different.

Genius Intellect: The Doctor is a Time Lord, and as such has immense knowledge and experience; more to the point, he has the intellectual capacity to make use of it all.

Encyclopedic Knowledge: Having traveled all over the cosmos for centuries, the Doctor tends to know a little something about practically every planet and species. He won't know much if anything about an individual person (especially another PC), but he's more than likely to know the basics about a person's species and/or culture from personal memory.

Special Skills: At 756 years of age, The Doctor is very much a Jack-of-All-Trades, knowing at least a little bit about nearly everything. He specializes in lock picking (with his Sonic Screwdriver), code breaking, computers, science, and jury-rigging electronic/mechanical devices (a la MacGuyver).

What is your character's comm icon and why? The comm icon is a simple image of the TARDIS flying through the Time Vortex. This is because the TARDIS represents the most important aspect of the Doctor's persona -- the concept of freedom. A desire for freedom is what led the Doctor to "borrow" the TARDIS in the first place, and as long as he has it, he'll never truly be tied down.
Anything else?: I think that covers it.

Ship Name: T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)
Ship Type: Type-40 Gallifreyan Time Capsule
Size: Size of a largish phone booth (about 8' x 4' x 4') on the outside; in the inside, it contains rooms and floor space equivalent to a skyscraper office building -- it can include as many amenities (multiple sleeping quarters, wardrobe with clothing for a thousand worlds and a hundred climates, library, swimming pool, etc.) as the GM sees fit to allow
Typical Crew Size: One person can pilot it, but the recommended crew is six
Powered By: The Eye of Harmony (it's very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey)
Weaponry: None
Special Abilities:
- Time/Space travel (currently disabled)
- Dimensionally Transcendental (bigger on the inside than on the outside)
- Transduction Barrier (near-impenetrable shield when turned on, cannot access the TARDIS from outside without the key)
Description: Exterior and Interior (or at least a part thereof)
What is your character's claim on this ship?: Stolen (but the Time Lords kind of look the other way)
Anything Else?: The space/time travel functions of the TARDIS are currently disabled, and will need to be repaired. Whether or not The Doctor can repair "his" vessel and leave remains to be seen, but in the meantime it can serve as a relatively safe gathering place.

Pet Name: K9 Mk II
Size: Smaller (dog size)
Description: There's a good dog
Personality: K9 is a robot. He is semi-autonomous and capable of acting on his own, but in general is subject to the orders of his "Master."
Special Abilities: Can interface with computer systems, perform chemical and mechanical analysis, and wields a blaster ray (with stun and kill capability)
Anything Else?: K9 can be busy cataloging the damage to the TARDIS if the GM doesn't want him roaming around just yet.

Both the Action Tag and the 3rd Person Prose samples are contained in a separate post to conserve space.


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